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The Suit of Lies and the Suit of Violence.

Good thing I don’t have to choose which one I like best.

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    Sex workers are human beings…. from cam models to strippers to porn stars. It may not be your cup o’ tea (mmm, tea), but it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect or shame them. 

    Reblogging this again because people think that just because someone is a sex worker, means that they are not intelligent, can’t have normal lives, and treat them like complete shit.

    To be honest I’m far more concerned that there are millions of people out there who didn’t get to choose sex work than I am about whether or not people think sex workers are stupid.

    Well, speaking as a former sex worker, I care about both things. The overall attitude toward sex work feeds into everything. Obviously people being forced into sex work have more pressing concerns than someone’s impolite opinion, but this stuff matters too, because the stigmatization affects significant matters like laws, and the visibility of those victimized by forced sex work. With the stigma in place, it’s so much harder for people to speak out about their experiences.

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      It has been brought to my attention that “Gay Rights” is limiting the scope of this community. I meant to say LGBTQ+ Rights. Where you see “Gay Rights” in my Marina Silva post please substitute “LGBTQ+ Rights”



        "A writer is a world trapped in a person."
        —Victor Hugo (via wordsnquotes)

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            Tom Hiddleston on his favourite movie.

I reckon if more people understood this there would be a lot less victim blaming when it comes to rape.


              I reckon if more people understood this there would be a lot less victim blaming when it comes to rape.

                I see nothing wrong here.

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                  [I just want to point out that those Loki roleplayers and fans who have the headcanon (which is actually partly canon) that Loki was tortured by Thanos/TheOther, etc are not without ample evidence to lend credence to it.

                  We are never actually told exactly what happened to Loki when he fell through the wormhole and into space. Somehow he fell in with Thanos, The Other, and The Chitauri. Somehow he managed to end up on Earth. Tom Hiddleston, in several interviews but in his Popcorn Taxi Australia interview specifically, said that Loki went through something deeply scarring and horrible after he fell, to the point where his family (Odin, Frigga, Thor) have a hard time understanding it. Tom Hiddleston also said (in an interview behind the scenes of Marvel comics) that he imagined that Loki “played cards” with some of the terribly, seedy, and criminal beings of the world.

                  In The Avengers film, Loki arrives on earth suffering from what clearly appears to be heat exhaustion. This might be a cause of being transported through the Tesseract, or some other trauma pre-transportation. But he seems to also be in some other manner of pain, due to his almost doubling over as he is exiting the Tesseract chamber and then stiffly lowering himself into the truck as they are leaving. In his exchange with Thor, after Thor slams him onto the ground, he gets up and stiffly walks, pressing his hand to his lower back. It appears that he very likely might be suffering from some manner of lower back pain. This could be from Thor slamming him down, OR it could be from aggravated damage that is already there.









                  In the Post-Credits Scene for Thor, Loki is seen whispering to Selvig, “Well I guess that is worth a look.” His teeth are dirty, perhaps rotting, and his skin, particularly his forehead, is mottled. Dirt? Grime? Burn marks? It is open to speculation because Marvel and its movie writers never gives us aclear explanation.



                  In The Avengers film, The Other blatantly threatens Loki with terrible consequences if he fails to retrieve the Tesseract for them. This colors his invasion in a slightly different light. He is under a form of duress. Loki is clearly nervous, anxious, and very, very likely afraid as The Other breathes his threat while standing behind him where he cannot see. Loki flinches, and I think his eyes speak loud enough to not need words. But The Other’s threat also holds words that can clearly be construed as supporting the idea that Loki was tortured by them. "You think you know pain…?" The Other could be referencing the mental and psychological anguish Loki has suffered throughout his life, OR he could be referencing pain that has been inflicted upon Loki and that he obviously knows about. This could very well be taken as The Other referencing how he, Thanos, etc, have tortured or inflicted pain upon Loki, and how what Loki has already known will not even compare to what will happen to him if he fails.





                  The Other then administers some form of painful shock to Loki’s head, jarring him from his astral projection into Chitauri space. This gives evidence that the The Other clearly possesses some mental/physical powers. As Loki sits there after having been shocked, his eyes once more speak loudly. He looks unsettled, shaken, and dare I say, afraid, all of which seem to be mixed with a resolve.





                  Now. I have not seen The Guardians of the Galaxy, or what Thanos was like in that, but I have a very hard time imagining that Thanos would be the type of being that would not torture someone. As another fan pointed out, Nicky Fury’s first suggestion to make Loki tell them where the Tesseract was, was for Thor to torture Loki.  If Nick Fury is not above it, I can hardly think Thanos is, especially if Loki was not willing to get the Tesseract, or was not willing to comply with his wishes, or did not wish to tell him things, or was too independent, etc.

                  In addition, Loki was in possession of a staff that, throughout the The Avengers movie, proves that it clearly aggravates and disturbs the mind. It causes all of the members of the Avengers to start showing uncharacteristic behavior. They squabbling amongst each other, and Bruce Banner goes as far as to pick it up. Thor was in the room. It was affecting Thor. Therefore it cannot have not affected Loki.

                  As a final note, I want to say that I am making this post to merely compile the evidence that gives ample reason why fans and roleplayers alike can easily believe that Loki was tortured before the botched invasion on New York. This does not mean that his actions were not his own. This does notexcuse his actions. He was not controlled. But it does mean that what he suffered might have twisted his mentality and hardened his pain, rage, and anger into viciousness and resolve. It gives an explanation for his physical condition throughout, and The Other’s comments to him.

                  Not everyone has to believe that he was tortured, but please understand that there is evidence and explanations for why that is believed, and they are even partially supported by Tom Hiddleston’s comments and the film. Marvel will likely never ever tell us exactly what happened to Loki, so it leaves the fans to fill in the gaps for themselves. We do not EXCUSE Loki by saying he was tortured. ]

                  Excellent summary!

                  Yes, and yes. Bolding above is mine, because that’s important to me so much. Just because Loki was tortured and under duress does not excuse Loki’s behaviour throughout the Avengers movie. If any of the Avengers had been in his same position, there’s a high likelihood they would’ve taken the straight-up self-sacrifice route rather than being as much of a bombastic asshole as Loki was.

                  He wasn’t in his right mind, nor entirely sane at the time, it’s more than possible to suggest, but that doesn’t excuse the relish with which he threatened and destroyed so many human lives. That was Loki lashing out unjustly at people who had never harmed him, instead of forces he couldn’t fight back against directly, like Thanos.

                  Also it doesn’t excuse his completely carefree, even flippant dismissal of his actions on earth as “I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.” It’s perfectly possible that whole act was a front specifically geared toward needling Odin as much as possible, but it’s also pretty clear that Loki genuinely has a blatant disregard for the value of lives other than his own, and the lives of individuals he actually has real affection before, however much it’s clear he’s trying to distance himself from anyone he feels that way about because he’s learned to distrust and hate that sensation of vulnerability, and also because he resents the lies he was fed for so long by the likes of those he thought were his parents, for so long.

                  Also, it’s highly possible that he’s suffered still more betrayals, and illusory mind-fucks, maybe even just hallucinations while he was tumbling through the void in a whirlwind of his own insecurities, shame, failures, self-loathing,  and burning hatred/betrayal feelings in relation to his family. It’s more than likely that his experiences between dropping off the bïfrost and his arrival on earth via tesseract included a lot of warped, paranoid introspection wherein he convinced himself that he had been betrayed even more deeply than he actually was, exaggerating the negative traits of everyone he ever cared for by making him recall and relive every time they ever hurt or unjustly (or even justly, but he’d trusted them to play along, but they didn’t, instead calling him out as a coward or something for his underhanded tactics and ruining his plans to get himself and others out of tricky situations with their necks and other body parts mostly intact) distrusted him and his intentions. That’s not even something Thanos would necessarily have to do. Loki’s own head, and the void, and the fall, would be ingredients enough for that particular molotov cocktail of Byronic-hero-in-his-own-mind sadistically-vengeful Loki as we see him in the Avengers movie, and in Thor 2, in his interactions with his family.

                  Having seen Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s pretty clear that Thanos likes taking powerful beings into his ranks and modifying them, making them into weapons he possesses. Nebula refers to many other siblings she and Gamora share, which isn’t something from the comics, and also suggests Loki might be even more “altered” than he seems on the surface, unless we make the assumption that Loki’s spear was considered modification enough, but that doesn’t seem a very smart way for someone as clever as Thanos to play, unless Loki made some deal with him that was exceptionally clever and tricky even by Loki standards, because usually while he’s brilliant, Thanos is still at a higher savant-level of strategic-thinking on a large scale than ever was Loki, in comics and out.

                  Food for thought



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